Is your sewing, embroidery, or serger machine in need of a little TLC?

Our full service shop offers general maintenance as well as repair service for most makes and models of sewing, embroidery and serger machines at a reasonable cost.

This machine was recently in for service. You can see that it needs some TLC.
Machine before Cleaning Machine after Cleaning
Before and After TLC. If you blow into the bobbin area, it drives the dirt to the bottom of the machine.

Click on the "Service Tips" link below for some helpful hints to keep your machine in top condition.

Just a little reminder . . . When you bring your machine in for service, please bring ALL accessories including the power cord, foot control, thread(if you're having a problem), bobbin and a general purpose foot. If your machine has an embroidery unit, bring it with a hoop.

Scissor Sharpening

Are you cutting fabric with dull scissors? Doesn't work too well, does it?

We have recently added scissor sharpening to our "can do" list. Bring them in and let us sharpen them for $8 per pair. You'll be amazed at the difference it will make.